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Oil pumping equipment near Ely


ELKO – The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments to assist in preparing an environmental assessment analyzing the impacts of offering 38 oil and gas parcels, totaling approximately 67,311.79 acres, for lease in the Elko District.

The parcels would appear in a statewide competitive lease sale in March 2018. Comments will be used to guide the preparation of an environmental assessment, which will analyze the proposed action for potential impacts and address issues and concerns. Deadline for comment is close of business Sept. 24.

The parcels are in the following areas: Pinion Range, Pine Valley, South Fork Reservoir, Twin Creeks, Mitchell Creek, and Cherry Creek Range areas. The parcels offered for lease are within areas covered by the 1987 Elko Resource Management Plan and the 1986 Wells Management Plan, and all are designated as open to leasing.

This project proposal will be analyzed, and an environmental assessment is required by the National Environmental Policy Act and BLM policy. To aid the BLM with its environmental analysis, it is accepting any input, recommendations and concerns citizens have with the proposal.

Written comments should be submitted to March 2018 Oil & Gas Lease Sale Project Coordinator, Bureau of Land Management, 3900 E. Idaho St., Elko, NV 89801-4611.

Questions concerning this project should be addressed to Tom Schmidt or Harley Gordon at the above address, or by phone at 753-0200 or by email at


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