ELKO — Sometimes the marketing game for your business can seem overwhelming and quite costly. But, there are ways to reduce that cost and use marketing to your business’ advantage.

Social Media: Social Media may seem like an obvious avenue to explore, but it’s also one of the most important ones! Social media sites like facebook and Twitter provide a great way to connect with your community. Generating “likes” on a facebook page is a simple yet very effective way to gain more exposure for your business. Creating events on facebook is another great way to get the word out about specials and things you have going on. Some businesses find Twitter be another great tool to keep their clients in the loop about their specials and new news. The more exposure, the better! Instagram has also gained some popularity in the business world. Pictures are a great way to show your community what your business has to offer. Visual representations sometimes work a bit better than text. People can connect with a picture and have a vision in their mind of what they want and what they are expecting.

Host a Meet-Up: A Meet-up is a casual, free event that your business can host! These events are a great way to network, promote your business or brand, and meet the community. The Chamber hosts Business After and Before Hours on monthly basis and this has brought many companies exposure to their name and products. You can do this on a smaller scale and for your business!

Apply for Awards or Grants: Applying for awards is a great way to not only get your business name out there, but if you receive the award, it’s something you can brag about. Non-profits can also gain some interest when they apply for grants. Grant recipients not only get their names out there as well, but it’s also something they can use on future applications.

Participate in online groups: Groups such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Reddit are great and cheap ways to network, and also help your business if you’re looking for employees, tips, and some mentoring.

There are many avenues to explore when it comes to marketing your small business on a dime! You just have to start exploring.

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