Richard Bochman

Richard Bochman has been working at his Walmart job for the past 20 years.

ANTHONY CROSBY, Elko Daily Correspondent

ELKO — This October, stockman and cart pusher Richard Bochman will enter his 20th year as an associate of Walmart. Bochman reaches this milestone despite living with a learning disability he’s been diagnosed with since childhood.

“When it comes to my disability, I basically learn things a lot slower than other people,” Bochman explained. “Working for one company for so long has had its moments and difficulties, but I believe I’ve been blessed and God has given me the ability to help people even with where I’m at.”

Bochman prides himself in his ability and opportunities to care for customers, whether it’s helping people take their purchases to their cars or by offering a simple hello.

“I like to encourage people whenever I can because no matter what your mental abilities are,” he said, “we all have the ability to understand and help each other.”

When asked what employers should keep in mind while considering hiring individuals with learning disabilities, Bochman insisted that getting to truly know the strengths and weakness of the applicant are the keys.

“Ask how you can help them succeed,” he said. “I believe a lot of businesses don’t like hiring candidates with disabilities, but I think that mostly comes from the fact that employers don’t truly take the time to get to know the people as something more than just their handicap.”

Bochman said he is excited to celebrate his two decades of employment at the retail store with his wife of 22 years, Cami, and with his Walmart co-workers who love having him on the team.

“I like working with Richard because he’s always making jokes and doing his Donald Duck impressions for the customers,” said fellow Walmart employee Taylor Buck. “He’s a really nice guy, too, and I like that.”


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