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Food Service Establishment Inspections

Sept. 29 – Oct. 4

Wal-Mart: 95

The temperature was found to be greater than 41 degrees F on cold hold items. The refrigeration unit for the cheeses had a temperature ranging above 45 degrees F. These food items were removed.

Wal-Mart Deli: 95

Food contact surfaces are not clean and are not being properly sanitized. An employee was observed preparing sandwiches on a food contact surface that wasn’t sanitized. No sanitation solution was readily available for use at the work stations.

Wal-Mart Meat Market: 100

Wal-Mart Bakery: 100

Pilot Travel Center: 100

Subway—Pilot Travel Center: 100

Eleanor Lemaire Junior High School Kitchen: 100

Eleanor Lemaire Junior High School Concession: 100

Subway – Mountain City Highway: 93

Keep all ice bags off the floor to minimize cross-contamination. Set up wiping cloth buckets properly and at the start of all shifts.

McAdoo’s Restaurant: 100

McAdoo’s Catering: 100

McAdoo’s Bar: 100


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