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Business Name: Score out of 100

Dec. 10

Dovetail Ranch Bar: 95

The hand sink for the bar was blocked at the time of the inspection. The operator began clearing the sink and the counter.


Pizza Barn -- Elko: 84

The hand sink must be used for hand-washing only. Employees were observed using the hand sink for ware washing. All shift supervisors must be certified as food safety managers. Raw meat was stored on the same shelf with ready-to-eat foods. The operator corrected it on site. Individual packets of sour cream need to be labeled. All products must be labeled and discarded if unused after seven days from preparation. Employees must use the test strips on warewashing equipment and sanitizing buckets. The floors and walls need a thorough cleaning. There is visible soil and debris showing strong evidence that they were not cleaned on a frequent basis. Repair the wall coving next to the microwave.

Dec. 11

Tiki Hut Bar: 94

The operator stated that he never had a dedicated hand sink at the bar and that past inspectors never mentioned anything about the absence of one. The inspector told him this is a critical violation and he will follow up to let him know how to correct it. It will also be discussed with upper management. An employee stated that no hand sink is available and that she uses the restroom sink for hand washing. The ice machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Dec. 12

Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. Warehouse -- Elko: 99

Post your current health permit conspicuously.


Coldstone Creamery: 88

The hand sink was temporarily obstructed with dirty dishes. There were no test strips available for the sanitizing solution, which was at a low concentration. The handles of the scoops were in direct contact with the food contact surface during food preparation. If any food contact surfaces are contaminated, you must clean and sanitize the area. Post your current health permit conspicuously.


Donuts N' Mor: 84

Trash and debris was observed in the hand sink, which must be used for hand washing only. The hand sink at the front of the restaurant did not have a hot water valve. Eggs were stored above ready-to-eat foods.


Donuts N' Mor -- Catering: 94

Test strips have not been used in quite a while. Sanitize the floor and walls around the grease trap, which is located underneath the three-compartment sink. There was no evidence of foul odors or overflow of grease.


Crowning Touch Bakery: 99

Keep your garbage bin outside covered at all times to prevent rodent infestation.

Dec. 13

Jo' Mama's Expresso: 100

Dec. 15

Liquidators & More: 99

Unlabeled spices were transferred to secondary containers for sale. The operator voluntarily removed the spices from display.


Maverik Country Store No. 146 Elko: 96

Store all food at least 6 inches from floor services. Set up wiping cloth buckets properly at the start of all shifts. Garbage, recyclables and refuse is not properly stored in a manner that makes it inaccessible to insects and rodents.


Maverik Country Store No. 237 -- Elko Deli: 89

The layout of the establishment does not give employees easy access to hand washing. An employee was observed using the hand sink as a warewashing station. Post your current health permit conspicuously.


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