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Business Name: Score out of 100

Jan. 14

Roy’s Market — Wells: 95

Raw sausage was stored above cheese and ready-to-eat meat items in the meat cooler. The operator reorganized it and there was no evidence of contamination. Pasteurized eggs were stored between containers of raw shell eggs in the dairy case.


Roy’s Market Wells — Bakery: 98

The bulk container of sugar was not labeled. A box of styrofoam clamshells was stored directly on the floor. Do not use scented or splash-less bleach, as these contain additives not approved for use in food establishments, and may not contain chlorine.


Roy’s Market Wells — Deli: 94

Several items in the reach-in cooler were not labeled or were kept more than seven days from preparation. The operator discarded questionable items and labeled the rest. Loose gaskets on several walk-in units need to be repaired. Remove the residential roaster and slowcooker in the deli and replace them with commercial equipment.

Jan. 16

Hardy Enterprises Store No. 53: 89

The establishment’s only hand sink is in the employee restroom. This is not sufficient to prevent cross-contamination of items prepared for the snack bar. A hand sink must be installed where accessible within 60 days. All potentially hazardous foods on hot dog rollers had a temperature between 100 and 120 F and were last checked before 8 a.m. The operator discarded all product. Shield light fixtures above the snack bar area.

Jan. 20

Family Dollar Store — Wells: 88

There are multiple packages of expired over-the-counter medications on clearance. Do not display medications that have been expired or have damaged packaging. Raw bacon is stored above raw egg shells in the coolers. Containers of air fresheners on clearance were stored above the over-the-counter medications. Stock restrooms with liquid soap in a pump-type dispenser.


Burger King — Wells: 90

Several quarts of cream were dated Jan. 18. The operator voluntarily discarded them. Several items in the reach-in coolers were not labeled or in their original containers. The sugar scoop and frosting spreader were stored on top of containers. A knife with a severely melted handle was in use near the hot-holding racks. The damage prevents the knife handle from being fully cleaned and sanitized. Clean the interior of the cooler at the shake station and the drainage trough at the customer soda machine. The floor sink under the ice machine is overflowing due to blockage. Shorten the drain lines to the floor sink under the ice machine.


Subway — Wells: 99

Do not nest cleaned equipment and/or utensils without first drying them. Empty the mop bucket and hang the mop to dry after each use.


Jan. 22

Chatos Fast Food: 78

There is no water or water heater supplied to the truck. The establishment may not open without proper hand washing facilities. Rubbing alcohol was stored with food items. The operator reorganized them and there was no evidence of contamination. No dish washing facilities were available. Wiping cloths must be set up and maintained at the start of all shifts. Replace worn cutting boards.


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