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State lawmakers look at proposed laws concerning guns, education and construction defects. Page A5

Business Name: Score out of 100

Sept. 26

Taco Bell: 97

Water has accumulated in the coiled line from the carbonator check valve at the front soda machine. The floor under the counter is wet. There is no visible evidence of damage or corrosion to check valve, but discontinue use of the soda machine until the carbonator has been inspected and passed by a technician. There is debris accumulated in the trash pad. Clear and clean the area to prevent attracting or harboring pests. Pay attention to areas under sinks, counters and other equipment where debris may build up out of sight.


Chicago Hot Dogs Elko LLC: 100

The operator is not currently catering, but considering working out of the Convention Center banquet kitchen.


KFC Elko: 99

The tile of the front walk-in refrigerator has cracked in several areas. Replace or seal broken tiles.

Sept. 29

Arctic Circle of Elko: 82

There were five cans of ice cream toppings found dented. The operator isolated them for credit. Isolate or discard all cans with denting or damage to any seam, with sharp dents, or bulging. Shredded lettuce was found at 46 F on top of the preparation table. The operator stated it had been out since that morning. Boxes of bagged soda syrup were found on the floor in the basement. Several buckets of sanitizer had low concentration. Change it when the water becomes dirty or approximately every four hours to ensure proper concentration. Ensure that wiping cloths are always returned to the bucket immediately after use. The microwave near the grill is a household model. Replace it with commercial equipment. Clean the can opener after each use or when changing between products. Clean the hood and filters. Grease buildup is on the electrical outlet near the drive-through window, presenting a fire hazard. The floor sink under the hand washing sink needs immediate attention. Remove the plastic jar from around the three-compartment sink drain and clean the floor sink. Cut pipe at an angle or reposition to reduce splash. The drain lines from the unit with the fry warmer extend into the floor sinks. Shorten and position lines so that they are at least one-inch thick above the floor grade. The base coving near the three-compartment sink has separated from the wall. Repair and reseal the area to prevent damage to the wall and growth of mold or mildew. The basement floor is covered in soda syrup. Clean the area thoroughly, moving equipment as necessary to prevent attracting pests. In general, pay attention to areas under shelving units and other equipment throughout the establishment. The lighting in the walk-in units and the basement is dim. Check that all light fixtures are functional and supplied with appropriate bulbs.


Winner’s Corner Elko Market: 97

Remove extraneous and/or non-functioning equipment from the walk-in refrigerator and basement storage area. Currently, the excessive clutter hampers cleaning and may allow for the harborage of pests in inaccessible areas. This is a repeat violation. There is excessive damage to the linoleum under the ice machine. Repair it with durable flooring to prevent further damage or the growth of mold or mildew. The corner near the restrooms and the walk-in refrigerator and around the ice machine in the rear of the store need their base coving repaired. Patch damaged drywall behind the ice freezer in the rear of the store. Install faceplates on all electrical outlets to seal the wall. Floor sinks for drink machines under the counter are difficult to reach. Continue good maintenance of such inaccessible areas. Remove the snow-melt/road ice from the walk-in refrigerator. Large bags are separated from and unlikely to be confused with food, but may contaminate food product if spilled. Contract with a licensed pest control to spray for insects and arachnids. There is excessive cobweb buildup around the rear ice machine and receiving door.

Sept. 30

Luther’s Bar: 98

The floor sink near the ice machine is dirty or blocked. There is an improper plumbing repair in the seal faucet in the women’s restroom. Shorten drain lines at several floor sinks.


Luther’s Bar & Grill: Snack Bar: 90

There is raw beef and shell eggs in the pizza preparation cooler and raw bacon and eggs in the walk-in stored above ready-to-eat food. The operator reorganized it and there was no evidence of contamination. Food prepared on site should be labeled with the date of preparation and used or discarded within seven days. Thawed foods should be labeled with the date they were removed from the freezer. The dishwashing machine needs to be cleaned and de-scaled. Repair the base coving around the walk-in refrigerator and clean the floor in the walk-in freezer. Seal the outlet opening above the service window. Replace the cover for the condenser in the walk-in freezer.


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