ELKO — Once again some really crazy gals have come into town, covered the walls of the Duncan LittleCreek Gallery, and have bestowed quality art amongst the masses. Well, at least for the residents and visitors in Elko during Cowboy Poetry.

The show was installed on the 10th and it is something to behold. In accordance with the Italian theme of this year’s gathering the regional artists decided on a Mediterranean theme for the title of the show but the work is a collection of colors and styles all mixed up in a blender of spooned-out splendor.

“I am happy to be invited again as a guest,” said Eureka photographer Trish Reynolds. “Now this year my husband Deon Reynolds is also showing his artwork.”

The main gallery of the wine bar is peppered with pictures, glistening with glass jewelry, and surrounded with ceramics. It is a sight to behold. Yet, it only gets better. During the gathering the entire upstairs of Duncan LittleCreek will be dismantled and creativity will take over. It’s like a mini market of remarkable handmade goods.

Guests are welcome at any time during opening hours from now until the exhibition closes on Feb. 2. The reception, or should I say revelry, will be held from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Feb. 1.

The Underwood Story Hour will take place at 11 a.m. Feb. 2. Kathleen Durham, chronicler and creator of cloth creatures, will be featuring the best ever yarn for kids old and young. The circus is coming to town upstairs at the Gallery. The Zucchini guy and many of his friends will be there. The Silly Mouse clowns might be in for some elephant taming. And, a tightrope walker or two ought to awe the crowd.

For more information visit www.wildwomen

artists.com or www.


You can also give them a call at 738-3426.