Williams and Co. Barbecue

Randon Williams and his food truck, Williams and Co. Barbecue

ANTHONY CROSBY, Elko Daily Correspondent

ELKO — Williams and Co. Barbecue opened its doors for business Tuesday and were met with a remarkable reception. After starting operations at 11 in the morning, the food truck had sold out of its inventory for the day within just a few hours.

“We pulled into the parking lot to set up and, before we were even finished setting up, we already had people lining up,” said food truck owner Randon Williams. “It was a great turnout. It’s a little more than I expected, to be honest. We were swamped to the point where I actually had to call a friend to come help.”

Williams, a graduate of Brigham Young University, originally had his sights on working in the physical therapy industry, that is until he experienced a change of mind. Williams began barbecuing in his backyard and inviting friends over. After some time, it became apparent to Williams and those around him that his talents behind the grill needed to be shared with the entire community.

“Why not try it in Elko? Barbecue seems to be a popular thing and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it here,” said Williams. “So, we decided to put a trailer together.”

On the day of their opening, the food truck was parked on 11th Street next to Big O’ Tires; however, Williams explained that wouldn’t always be the case.

“My wife (Albany Williams) is actually finishing up her doctorate degree down in Arizona, so we will be up here for a couple of weeks, but then we’re going to have to go back to Arizona for a little bit. But I will be coming back up to do some events here in Elko and occasionally, about one week out of the month, coming up to open to the public. So, we will be open sporadically until my wife graduates and we move back up here permanently and we can go full-time around May. We’re really excited to be here.”

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Williams encourages patrons to follow the barbecue truck’s Instagram page, @williamsbbq, to stay informed on when the business will be opened and running, as well as where the truck will be parked.

Williams and Co. Barbecue’s menu includes Texas-style brisket, pork ribs, Kansas City-inspired pulled pork and a variety of sides, from homemade macaroni and cheese to french fries.


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