Pet of the Week

This girl is a German shepherd mix. She is an adult and very well behaved. She is quiet in her kennel and loves attention. She can be a little standoffish when she meets new people but she is an all around gem. If you are looking to find another companion for you household please come up and meet this fantastic girl. She will be available for adoption on Dec. 12.

Statistics for week of Nov. 30-Dec.7

Incoming: 43

Adopted: 5

Redeemed to Owner: 15

Rescue Groups: 26

Euthanized: Feral Cats: 4

Owner Surrendered: 13

Currently in House: 30

Adult Dogs:

1-Male Lab Mix

1-Male German Shepherd Mix

1-Neutered Male Pointer Mix

1-Male Newfoundland Mix

1-Neutered Male Border Collie Mix

1-Neutered Male Shepherd Mix

1-Male Pit Bull/Husky Mix

1-Female German Shepherd Mix

1-Spayed Female Pointer/Hound Mix

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1-Spayed Female Boxer Mix

Young Adult Dogs:

1-Male Chihuahua Mix

1-Female Australian Shepherd Mix

1-Female Lab Mix

Cats: 1-Female DSH

Kittens: 5-Male Juveniles

2-Female Juveniles


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