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ELKO – Elko police are warning the public about telephone scammers who are bilking people by pretending to represent the Internal Revenue Service.

“We’ve had some people get taken for a considerable amount of money on it,” said Lt. Mike Palhegyi.

An Elko woman lost $5,400 when someone claiming to be from the IRS called her and told her she was wanted on a warrant for tax evasion and needed to send that amount in gift cards or she would be arrested.

Palhegyi said IRS agents don’t deal in gift cards or demand money over the phone.

Similar scams have been pulled recently on local residents by people claiming to represent certain charities.

“They tend to prey on the elderly” he said.

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Scams involving people claiming to represent the IRS have been reported by Elko residents multiple times over the past few years, with slight variations.

Anyone receiving scam telephone calls may contact police at 777-7310.


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