Elko Daily Free Press correspondent Cindy Joyce has achieved a goal many Nevada freelance photographers only dream of … her image is on the cover of the current edition of Nevada Magazine.

“I always had a camera in my hand as a kid,” said Joyce about her long-term passion for photography. “Now I am just taking it to a new level.”

Joyce, who is based out of Wells, does a variety of photographic work including shooting and writing stories for the Elko Daily Free Press. Her other gigs include covering the entertainment scene at Cactus Petes and a variety of portrait sessions.

But, her main passion is wildlife.

“I grew up in Maine where my dad was a park ranger in Edmund’s State Park. I was always around nature.”

The cat on the cover of our state magazine isn’t wild but it is a rescue animal living at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo near Imlay, a nonprofit that houses and cares for abandoned and rescued exotic animals.

“I answered Nevada Magazine’s Photo Alert needing images of the zoo,” explained Joyce. “I emailed a few off and they picked several for their article including this tiger shot. It’s really an honor being on the cover of the magazine.”

Nevada Magazine puts out only six issues a year so the likelihood of getting a photo on the front is slim. But, Cindy Joyce just did it.

To view more of Joyce’s work, visit her website at cjphotographyimages.vpweb.com or zazz

le.com under Cindy Joyce Gifts.

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