ELKO — The Elko County School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan that would include funding of a new Elko elementary school.

The $31 million project would begin in the 2015 fiscal year, but comes at the cost of a couple other projects.

“We feel the elementary school will take priority,” said Superintendent Jeff Zander.

The postponed projects include expansions at Elko High School and Spring Creek High School.

The Spring Creek High School project would have included new vocational buildings and classrooms, and would have begun this fiscal year. The project was estimated to cost more than $13 million.

The Elko High School project would have included a performing arts center and vocational facility, estimated to cost nearly $6.5 million, starting in 2015.

The board also discussed what to do with an unused modular building it owns. The building may be moved to Wells Elementary at a cost of about $200,000.

“The bulk of that amount is all in development of the pad,” said Steve Bowers, building operations and construction manager for the school district.

Board member Dean Hartwig suggested the district sell the modular, but Zander believed the district could use it.

Also at the meeting, the board reviewed and approved the final 2013 budget. The school district is still waiting on $577,000 from the Bruneau-Grandview School District for some 60 students attending the Owyhee school.

“This issue isn’t about the dollars, it’s about the liability with the students, and it’s important the parent district pays for that,” Zander said.


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