ELKO — The 12th annual Health & Fitness Fair, sponsored by NNRH and Ruby Radio, took place 9 a.m. Saturday at the Elko Convention Center featuring Ronald McDonald and the Tooth Fairy, who greeted the crowd coming in for a day of health and fitness awareness.

There definitely was something for every visitor this year — no one walked away empty-handed. Raffles provided opportunities to win health prizes. Vendors literally gave hundreds of free products away, such as tote bags, pens and dental supplies, in addition to brochures and booklets at this year’s show.

The Tooth Fairy, Michele Zadrozny from Children’s Dentistry of Elko, said, “We have some great games here, so they can win a prize. We also have some toothbrushes for the kids and are introducing our new lasers. If you bring your kids in and their cavities are small ... no shot! We had a few adults ask if we could do that for them also,” she added with a smile.

Outside was OLLE’s booth, a mobile vendor that served fruity drinks such as lemonade and mixed fruit flavors, and NNRH’s Auxiliary volunteers Gladys Ahlin and Neva Lage who donated their time to distribute fruits and healthy snacks to the participants of the Ruby Mountain Relay’s Health & Fitness 5K and to anyone passing by who just wanted a treat.

Outside, Summit Air Ambulance was parked on ECC’s lawn providing visitors with an up-close look of its helicopter.

Paul Petrash, training manager and chief SAA helicopter pilot with over 30 years of flying experience, said, “Mostly we’re showing kids how the controls work in the helicopter. If they’re interested in some of the flat panel displays and the instruments in the cockpit I’ll explain it to them —  what they are and how they work.

Explaining the helicopter’s travel speed, he added, “We generally cruise at about 150 mph, which is somewhere in the neighborhood of about 175-180 mph compared to a car.”

Winnemucca’s Stephanie Manley, SAA’s flight nurse said, “Definitely, as far as the kids go, I think our biggest thing here today is pushing safety. There’s a lot that goes on with a helicopter at the time of an emergency. Sometimes people don’t realize the safety side of things. If you need us, we’re always here, no matter what. Any chance we get to fly, we’ll be there.

“There are days that are harder than others but any chance to help patients and their families is wonderful. I have an amazing job. It’s the best ever.”

As her two sons, Landon and Dekklan, both sat attentively in the front seats of the helicopter, Jenny Albisu of Spring Creek said, “Their dad is a welding and mechanics teacher at Spring Creek High. So they’re very much into this.”

Not only did the event provide information and assistance, about training and awareness on a personal level, it also offered many other aspects —  medical and dental information, fitness training and cleaning techniques for a healthy home.

Over 75 booths were at this year’s event, including: 7-Day Dental, A+ Urgent Care, ABC Seamless Siding, Affordable Health Care Pros, American Med Flight, April Madsen/Mary Kay Cosmetics, Beach Body, Bennett Medical Services, Center for Asbestos Related Diseases, Chem Dry, Children’s Dentistry of Elko, Cleveland Clinic, Consumer Direct Pesonal Care, LLC, Culligan of Idaho, Cunningham Carpet Cleaning, Edward Jones, Elko Clinic, Elko Dental Care, Elko Dental Specialists, Elko Spine & Rehab Inst., Family Dental Care, Gallagher Dental Care, Golds Gym, GBC, H & R Block, Hayley’s, Highland Village, Immunize Nevada, Intertribal Council of Nevada, It Works, John Patton, DPM, Kaia FIT, Kinetico of Magic Valley, Mark Guisti, McDonald’s, Morning Star Health Care, NV Division of Aging & Disability Services & Child & Family Services, Nevada Gastroenterology, Nevada Health Centers, Nevada Virtual Academy, NORCO Medical, NNRH, Northern Nevada OB/GYN, Nuclear Care Partners, OLLE, PACE Coalition, Plexus Slim, Powerhouse Gym, Quest Diagnostics, Rainbow Vacuum, Reading Vision, Reno Cyberknife, Reno Vein Clinic, RPT, Ruby Mountain Relay, Sierra Nevada Cancer Center, Silver State CPR, Sleep Source Mattress Gallery, Summit Air Ambulance, Taylor Chiropractic, Touch of Heaven Spas, US Department of Agriculture, Usana, Vollara, and Young Living Oils.

One of the vendors, Brittany Tybo of the Intertribal Council of Nevada W.I.C., said, “This program is actually open to all Nevada residents. We’re trying to get word out about our program. We help women, infants and children with supplemental nutrition needs. Income guidlines are actually a lot higher than people might assume.

“There is another W.I.C. office in town at the Nevada Health Centers, that we’re trying to let people know is available. We’re really excited to get more people on the W.I.C. program and get the nutrition out there to help families.”

Seth Rice, martial artist of Powerhouse Gym said, “We’re trying to show that we’re very family oriented. That when you come to the Powerhouse Gym you’re gonna get the results that you want. We have lots of different options to get there. We have Zumba for the women, free weights for the men and multiple forms of martial arts. There’s something for everyone, at every level. We’re open 24-7, 365 days a year.”

Lonnie Cunningham, owner of Cunnigham Carpet Cleaning, said, “We’re providing a lot of information to people who don’t realize all the services we provide. The name is Cunnigham Carpet Cleaning but we also fix pipes, deal with water damage, fire and smoke damage, sewer backups and air duct cleaning. These are emergency services that we provide assistance with all the time.”

“It is a wonderful turnout and I think it’s a great opportunity for people to learn what’s new and available in the Elko area,” said Alene Sutherland, vice president of Ruby Radio and coordinator of the Health & Fitness Fair. “We have a lot of vendors from the Reno area that are new this year and we’re really happy to be expanding that direction ... bringing that information of services here. I like the fact that we’ve got a lot of professionals connecting one-to-one and talking with one another, just building that referral base that professionals always need. I think it’s just a win-win all the way around. A lot of interesting things this year.”

On an ending note, Ronald McDonald said, with a big grin, “I was so excited to meet the Tooth Fairy cause I did get short-changed on a molar once. But I did find out ... there are no refunds.”


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Thank you Ruby Radio for putting on such a great event!

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