Former police capt. sentenced to life for incest

2013-06-27T15:18:00Z Former police capt. sentenced to life for incestBy DYLAN WOOLF HARRIS — Elko Daily Free Press

ELKO — Former Elko Police Capt. Aaron Hughes was sentenced Thursday to life in prison for incest.

Hughes, 41, was arrested in 2008 and charged with incest and using a minor in the production of pornography after sheriff’s deputies found a video file of Hughes and a 17-year-old female relative engaging in sexual acts.

He accepted a plea deal from the district attorney’s office in January when he admitted to incest and the prosecution dropped the pornography charge.

Hughes' will have a parole hearing after two years. He received credit for 86 days time served when he was arrested in 2008.

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  1. maxlawman
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    maxlawman - July 02, 2013 7:51 am
    I guarantee he will be out in two or three years ! I know him and it was a sad and embarrassing crime he committed ! He is a disgrace to the community, his brothers in blue, and the whole of humanity ! Those who are sticking up for him I have a bridge in San Francisco I would like to sell you ! I say get a rope I don't want my tax dollars keeping his sorry butt alive !!!
  2. NVDSL
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    NVDSL - July 01, 2013 9:09 am
    The hard evidence was his admission in court and his daughters admission. The video on his personal computer. If he was innocent why did he take a plea deal? Most innocent people go to trial especially on such weak evidence as you call it. Does it make you feel good to stick up for an incestous drunkard and thief?
  3. NVDSL
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    NVDSL - July 01, 2013 8:57 am
    What is funny is how you are condoning Hughes deviant behavior but then again you must be into that kind of thing huh? Go ahead, stick up for a guy who admitted along with his daughter that he had engaged in intercourse with her. He is disgraceful and is a sick individual. You can also stick up for his theft, his d.u.i. which was never charged, and go ahead and stick up for his illegal poaching of elk in the ruby marshes or his unlawful presence on ranch property while running his guide service
  4. Yahooligan
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    Yahooligan - July 01, 2013 7:32 am
    Don't you mean a child having sex?
  5. unfair
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    unfair - June 28, 2013 11:58 am
    evidence funny. a women having sex, and a males butt looking like Aarons. and yes the old queen stake atv story is where it all begain. how long was that mine shut down for. and if I recall I think you have to remove something from the property for it to be stole. don't get me wrong I do feel he had full intentions of removing the atv. but the aaron I know never checks stupied things like oil gas and tires. lets just say it never made it off the property. convicted with no real hard evidence..
  6. tricky0ff
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    tricky0ff - June 28, 2013 11:32 am
    There was video evidence of him having sexual relations with his own teen daughter. Evidence of him stealing. And then he got less time in jail than a woman who let a teen boy touch her breast. And you are going to sit there and defend him? Sick.
  7. unfair
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    unfair - June 27, 2013 11:33 pm
    A police capt. In Elko NV charged and sentenced in Elko nv. Hmmmm the wild wild west. Tell me what kind of fair trail the man is going to get. I know Aaron and his family very well. And trust him with my own children. All this shows and proves is the state is willing to waste more of my tax money. one man cant fight the state $. and after every thing is done, it is worth it to lay down say yes because if you don't they will find something else to make you poor.
  8. justice4all
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    justice4all - June 27, 2013 6:24 pm
    Millhouse Repair an Remodel is owned by Olyna Doren-Hughes but Aaron is the one who has been in homes of many around young children.
  9. tricky0ff
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    tricky0ff - June 27, 2013 5:14 pm
    He didn't just have sex with her, he made porn out of it! Child porn! Something is seriously wrong with our system here!
  10. It'sme
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    It'sme - June 27, 2013 4:06 pm
    I am shocked I was pretty sure there was a deal in the works for probation. But he will be out in two years free to go on about his merry life
  11. ElkoCourts
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    ElkoCourts - June 27, 2013 3:30 pm
    I applaud the life sentence, but am disappointed about the whole out in two years thing? Michelle Taylor is not eligible for parole for ten years and she just made a teenager touch her breast while this guy had sex with his underage daughter.
  12. Been There Done That
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    Been There Done That - June 27, 2013 3:30 pm
    That is silly to say he was sentenced to life when he's eligible for parole in years.
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