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Arby's in Elko is closed until further notice.

ELKO — Arby’s on Mountain City Highway has been closed by the Nevada Health Division because of an extreme rodent infestation.

“Closed until further notice due to technical issues,” reads a sign taped to the door, signed by maintenance.

However, the health inspection states “This establishment is closed by order of the Nevada State Health Division due to extreme rodent infestation. You may not operate until this infestation is resolved completely ...”

The April 28 report cites evidence of mouse infestation. Several pictures were taken of feces throughout the facility and holes were present in the walls, ceiling and shelving units providing modes of entry.

“NSHD suspects a generational infestation is present, as nesting is evident, and fecal matter found in all areas to include food preparation, dry food storage, refrigeration units, and dining areas,” said the report.

Additionally, multiple employees, including management, exhibited symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, headache, fever, and an increase in asthma attacks. They also claim food packages, such as bread, have been chewed open by the rodents.

Employees also sighted rodents on the premises daily.

A representative of the restaurant, who did not identify himself on the phone, would only say the establishment is “working with the health inspector.”

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Elko Police Lt. Ty Trouten confirmed officers were called to the premises to maintain the peace.

“We did not order the closure,” said Barrett Evans, a supervisor with the Environmental Health Section of Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health.

“The closure was voluntary by the owner/operator, and the health permit has not been closed out or suspended,” he said, explaining the business agreed to remain closed until the issues in the report have been addressed.

Arby’s Restaurant received an overall rating of 92 out of 100 in its latest inspection. Longtime owner Mike Franzoia is a former Elko mayor.


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