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ELKO – Valuations for building permits in January in Elko city limits show the new year is off to a good start, with construction valuations at more than $1.3 million, compared with nearly $347,677 in January of 2017.

“With the mild winter, we are seeing some projects starting sooner than they normally would in the construction season,” said Jeremy Draper, development manager for the city.

In January alone, the Elko Building Department issued 63 building permits, compared with 27 in January 2017, and permit fees totaled $44,176, up from $10,185 in the same month last year. Applications totaled 36 for January 2018, up from nine last year.

The city’s figures also show there were three single-family houses permitted in January of this year, while there were none in January 2017. The residential evaluations totaled $490,818 this January, while commercial construction valuation totaled $683,095, including for silo work at Ash Grove Cement.

All three houses are Bailey Homes, one on Autumn Hills and two on Snowy River streets.

Permits also went for electrical, mechanical and plumbing work, and tenant improvements, including at Dotty’s on Mountain City Highway, according to the building department.

Although January 2017 was much slower for the city than this January, figures for all of 2017 picked up in the latter part of the year to end with permit valuations totaling $29.78 million, up from $20.91 million in 2016.

The figures show permit fees for 2017 were $1.07 million, up from $863,794 for all of 2016, while the number of issued permits was lower at 792, compared with 909 in 2016. Applications also were higher in 2016, at 364, compared with 333 last year.

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Hotel projects started in 2017 boosted valuation.

The number of single-family dwellings permitted in 2017 totaled 43, down from 51 the prior year, and the number of manufactured home foundations was lower in 2017, at five, compared with a dozen in 2016, according to the figures.

There were no duplexes and no multi-family projects in 2017, nor in 2016. There were 36 multi-family units built in 2015. The highest number of multi-family units built in recent years totaled 177 in 2012, followed by 172 in 2015 and 108 in 2013.

The highest number of new residences constructed in recent years was 98 in 2013, according to the building department charts.


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