The Elko Daily Free Press is counting down the days until marijuana is legal in Nevada by answering questions concerning the law.

Q: Where can you legally smoke pot after Jan. 1?

A: A new law is taking effect Jan. 1, but few people seem to know or understand the specifics of the marijuana regulations, particularly when it comes to the question of where smoking marijuana will be allowed.

What is known is that individuals 21 or older can legally possess, purchase and consume up to one ounce of marijuana or up to one-eighth of marijuana concentrates such as wax, “shatter” or oil. Total amounts purchased cannot exceed 2.5 ounces for a two-week period.

The law stipulates that the use of marijuana will not be tolerated in public places. People can smoke or consume edible marijuana on their private property, including inside the home and in both front and back yards. The law also allows for people to smoke or consume marijuana on the private property of others and at venues that purchase a license for marijuana use.

What type of business can purchase a marijuana license for use on their property? The question has fallen mostly on deaf ears.

It is known that smoking or consuming marijuana in a casino or bar is not allowed. The Nevada Gaming Control Board does not want to mix marijuana with gambling due to the substance being federally illegal. And bar owners could risk losing their liquor licenses.

According to, there have been discussions about opening marijuana resorts in Las Vegas but for the current time they are recommending smokers keep a low profile. People who violate the public consumption law can be charged with jail time and a penalty of up to $1,000.

When the Free Press called city, county and state offices regarding the type of business that could allow customers to smoke pot, the question was passed from one agency to the next with no definitive answer. The final authority recommended by the state health department was Nevada Department of Taxation supervisor Joe Lynn Smith, who was unavailable for comment.

When city business license technician Debbie Hensler was asked this question she replied, “We just don’t know right now.”

She did mention that plenty of people have been calling her office about opening a business here.