ELKO – One prisoner who allegedly assaulted another was apparently angry over a drug transaction rumor that started before they were jailed.

Andrew J. Hockenberry, 22, of Elko was arrested April 18 in Elko County Jail on a felony warrant for battery by a prisoner on a protected person.

According to the criminal complaint, a fight broke out in Mary Block and officers were called to the scene. One inmate had blood all over his face, uniform and arms.

The injured man claimed he did nothing to provoke the fight and that he did not fight back because he was up for probation and did not want any trouble. He told the attending officer that Hockenberry attacked him over a rumor and that the two knew each other outside prison in the drug world.

During an interview with the alleged aggressor, an officer asked Hockenberry what was going on.

Hockenberry reportedly said, “I am not a ‘cho-mo’” (child molester).

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Hockenberry claimed the other man had called him that. He also refused to answer the officer when asked who threw the first punch.

Video surveillance of the event revealed that Hockenberry was the aggressor and that the other man merely held his hands up to defend himself.

Bail was listed at $20,000.


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