ELKO – A man who was allegedly attempting to steal items from Elko Sanitation trucks early Tuesday morning was taken into custody after a witness called police.

Kenneth Brown, 38, of Elko was arrested on eight counts of burglary.

Police Chief Ben Reed said Brown had only taken items from eight vehicles but had searched through every dump truck.

“About 20 of their sanitations trucks had been broken into, rummaged through, vandalized and so forth,” he said. “On eight of them we were able to show that something was actually stolen from the truck but all of them had been gone through.”

Brown did not appear to be looking for anything in particular but did attempt to take some radio equipment out of the trucks.

Police are looking into whether Brown has any connection to other recent burglary attempts. Reed said Brown had just been arrested Saturday for failure to appear after bail.

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“We’re looking at him for multiple other cases in the past couple of weeks,” he said. “We arrested him on a warrant a couple of days ago … he was out of custody for maybe 11 or 12 hours before he was caught on these burglaries.”

Brown’s bail was set at $171,000.


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