ELKO – An Elko man was arrested Monday after drawing a concealed handgun and allegedly threatening to kill a student at Elko High School.

Two juvenile students were having an argument around noon on the sidewalk along College Avenue when Alexander Zamora, an 18-year-old non-student friend of one of the juveniles, intervened in the dispute, according to Elko Police Capt. Ty Trouten.

Zamora reportedly pulled out a 9mm handgun and threatened to kill the other student before fleeing from the scene in a black BMW with his friend.

“It occurred during the lunch hour on the sidewalk, and there were several witnesses,” Trouten said. “Nobody was hurt, and it took two to three hours to track down Zamora …”

Local law enforcement found Zamora and his juvenile friend at a Castle Rock Road residence on the south side of Elko. The Elko Sheriff’s Office and the Narcotics Unit assisted police in the search, Trouten said.

Zamora was reported to have two handguns, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana in the vehicle. He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon on school campus, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, child endangerment, and possession of one ounce of marijuana. Bail for Zamora is $125,740.

The other juvenile that fled with Zamora faces drug and gun charges, according to police.

The school resource officers said they were not allowed to comment on this case, but Police Chief Ben Reed spoke about the incident at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

“I really want to thank the school resource officers for their quick response and identification of the players to get that information to local law enforcement as they were all over this incident,” he said. “Thankful for the school resource officer program when there are guns found on school property.”

It was the second gun-related arrest involving the school this fall.

Sammual R. Munk, 18, was arrested Oct. 18 on two counts of possession of a dangerous weapon on Elko High School property and as a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage in public.

Police reported seeing smoke billowing out of a pickup truck’s window, and when they confronted the student about smoking on school grounds the officer discovered an alcoholic beverage and several weapons, including a loaded 22-caliber revolver, an unloaded 22-caliber rifle, and several knives.

Three other students in the vehicle were released back to the high school after the incident.