ELKO – Police officers recovered 46 grams of methamphetamine and a stolen gun after stopping a vehicle for the second time in two days.

Jay Jim was pulled over on Sept. 1 when officers first noticed that Jay’s license plate was suspended. Jay indicated he was in the process of purchasing the vehicle, according to police.

Officers did not arrest him that day but noticed him driving the same vehicle the next day and performed another traffic stop.

The officers chose to arrest Jim when he presented them with an invalid driver’s license and had prior violations.

After Jim was put in handcuffs officers also noticed a gun under the seat of the vehicle and plastic bags that officers suspected contained methamphetamine.

Lt. Mike Palhegyi said Jim should not have had a gun in his possession under any circumstances.

“Jim has felony convictions so he wouldn’t be able to have that firearm anyway even if it wasn’t stolen,” he said.

It is unclear if Jim was under the influence at the time of his arrest but Palhegyi said Jim was likely planning to sell the drug instead of using it.

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“I’m guessing with that kind of weight he would be more likely to use for sales than personal use because that’s a lot of methamphetamine,” he said.

Jim was charged with possession to sell a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance; possession to sell a schedule I or II substance; owning or possessing a gun by prohibited person; conspiracy to buy, possess or receive stolen property; operating an unregistered vehicle; and driving with a suspended license.

His bail was set at $321,525.


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