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Scores out of 100

Carlin Combined School Kitchen: 99

Dumpster lids are missing or not closed exposing trash to weather, vectors and scavenging.

Carlin Combined Schools Concession: 96

Flooring needs to be sealed with a smooth and non-porous sealant. The coving and weather stripping needs to be used on doors to prevent rodent infestation. The facility is closed for the season and the operator will make repairs before reopening.

Holiday Inn Express, continental breakfast area: 100

Dos Amigos Catering: 100

Dos Amigos Bar: 100

Dos Amigos Restaurant: 96

The chopped vegetables at the prep station had temperatures at 55 degrees F. Discard any food items that are not consumed within 4 hours. If food items are at room temperature 70 degrees F and above, the items must be discarded after 4 hours. Food products are not properly labeled. Date and label all food items and discard them if they are not consumed seven days after preparation. Drainpipes do not have adequate space above the top of the floor sink.

Kentucky Fried Chicken: 100

Smith’s Food King: 99

The three-compartment sink in the produce preparation area is being used as a crisper. If employees use the sink for produce preparation the chemical dispenser must be removed to prevent cross contamination. The rolling doors in the shipping and receiving area need sealing to minimize the risk of rodent infiltration.

Smith’s Food King, Meat Department: 94

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The meat processing room had an ambient temperature of 62 degrees F. Please be diligent in washing and sanitizing all food contact surfaces to minimize pathogen growth. Set up wiping cloth buckets properly at start of all shifts.

Smith’s Food King, Bakery: 100

Smith’s Food King, Deli: 99

The floor drain was clogged with debris.

Carlin Conservation Camp Market: 98

Coving must be installed on the floor and walls for easier cleaning. The wall air conditioning unit has a defective cord which can pose a fire and safety risk. The issue must be addressed before the spring.

Carlin Conservation Camp Kitchen: 99

The ice machine in the dining area is out of commission. The operator states that the unit will be repaired within a month. The flooring and coving located near the entrance of the kitchen is in need of repair.


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