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Business Name: Score out of 100

La Fiesta Restaurant: 96

Discussed proper cooling methods for large batches of items such as rice, beans, and soup stocks. Separate into smaller batches and hold under refrigeration, stirring often. Use a temperature log to ensure food temperatures are lowered adequately from 140 F to 70 F within 2 hours and from 70 F to 41 F within 4 hours.

La Fiesta Bar: 100

Burger King, West Wendover: 100

Epic Night Club, West Wendover: 99

Drainpipes do not have adequate space above top of floor sink. Trim drain below three-compartment sink.

Montego Bay Central Bakery, West Wendover: 100

Montego Bay Paradise Grill, West Wendover: 99

Clean and sanitize non-food contact surfaces as specified.

Peppermill/Rainbow/Montego Bay Concert Hall Bar, West Wendover: 100

Montego Bay Sports Bar, West Wendover: 97

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Thermometers were not provided in refrigeration units. Knives were stored dirty.

Montego Bay Romanza Restaurant, West Wendover: 98

The cutting board and prep table and rack in the kitchen need to be cleaned and sanitized.

Montego Bay Romanza Bar, West Wendover: 100

Montego Bay Espresso Bar, West Wendover: 98

The sanitizer level was not adequate at the time of inspection. Ensure test strips are available for staff to test and monitor sanitizer levels in buckets. Clean and sanitize the microwave.


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