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February 26 – March 10, 2016

The Owl Club: 90

The chopped vegetables in the food preparation area had a temperature reading of 51 degrees F. If food items are stored in temperatures between 41-70 degrees F, they must be discarded within 6 hours. Food products are not properly labeled. Label all food items with dates and discard them if they are not used within 7 days of preparation. Frozen, packaged meats were found on the floor. Food items must be stored at least 6 inches off of the floor.

The Owl Club Bar: 99

Wiping cloths intended for use on customer tables or food contact surfaces must be sanitized in between uses.

Crescent Valley Market: 99

Bagged ice must be labeled with manufacturer’s name and physical address.

Luciano’s Restaurant Catering: 100

Luciano’s Bar: 100

Luciano’s Restaurant: 98

The dish washing machine is fully functioning and reaching adequate temperatures, but the external thermometer is not functioning properly. The operator is using an internal thermometer regularly to make sure that the unit is reaching 120 degrees F. The thermometer will be replaced within the week. The flooring is not durable and not maintained in good repair.

Papa Murphy’s Pizza: 100

Cowboy Joe’s Coffee Shop: 90

The hand sink is not accessible for use by food handlers. Milk stored in the refrigerator had a temperature reading of 51 degrees F. All potentially hazardous foods must be stored at temperatures of 41 degrees F or below.

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Crescent Valley Elementary School Kitchen: 90

A food handler was observed preparing ready to eat food with bare hands. Food handlers must utilize gloves. The walk-in refrigerator was not functioning properly. The compressor for the unit stopped working at 7 a.m. Items that were stored in the walk-in refrigerator were voluntarily discarded.

Crescent Valley Senior Center: 100

Crescent Valley Concessions Facility: 100

Arby’s Restaurant: 92

Evidence of rodent droppings were found throughout the dry storage area, and under the front counter near the employee entrance door. This evidence indicates a possible infestation. Evidence of professional pest control. Have all areas where droppings are present cleaned and sanitized and have a licensed pest control service the facility within 14 days.

GNC Health Food: 100


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