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Food Service Establishment Inspections

July 20—21, 2016

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Restaurant: 98

The lid to the bulk flour and rice storage bins is cracked. Repair or replace these non-food contact surfaces. The floor sink under the soda dispenser in the lobby is dirty or blocked.

Coffee Mug Restaurant: 94

There is no consumer advisory for serving under-cooked animal food products. Provide an advisory for items prepared to order such as eggs, burgers and steaks.

Coffee Mug Restaurant Catering: 100

Blue Moon Restaurant: 80

The hand sink is not properly supplied with soap or disposable towels. Keep hand wash sinks supplied at all times with soap and paper towels for ease of use. Waste-water is not properly disposed of. The drain tubes from the soda machine are draining into a bucket at the top of the stairs leading to the basement. Have the drain designed to properly dispose of waste-water repaired immediately to prevent overflow of waste water into the basement area.

Blue Moon Bar: 99

The floor sink is blocked or dirty. The bar area does not operate. The owners store alcohol for service in the restaurant. The bar acts as a waiting area for guests.

El Canon de Juchipila: 100

King Buffet: 89

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Products are not properly labeled. All foods must be discarded seven days after preparation if they are not used. Label foods with name and date once the item has been prepared, opened or removed from bulk packaging.

Cactus Pete’s Team Dining Room: 100

Cactus Pete’s Coffee Shop: 99

The cutting boards are heavily worn. New boards are on order and due to be delivered soon.

Cactus Pete’s Canyon Cove Buffet: 99

The hand sink is not properly supplied with disposable towels.


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