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May 25 – June 15

Spring Inn Bar: 100

Spring Inn Bar Kitchen: 100

Atwal Gas and Food Market: 100

Subway – on Thomas H. Gallagher Way: 95

Food handlers must consume beverages only from closed containers with straws. Handlers can only consume beverages in a non-food preparation area.

Sierra Java Snack Bar: 95

Do not allow the mop to sit in dirty mop water inside the mop bucket after use. The mop should be rinsed and allowed to air dry. The dirty mop water should be dumped down an appropriate waste drain such as the mop sink located in the back room.

Toki Ona restaurant: 93

Ranch dressing was found at a temperature above 70 degrees F. The container was placed in a pan of ice but the ice had melted and had not been changed as the day became hotter. An employee discarded the item. Make sure that employees monitor items such as this and change out the ice as needed. Wiping cloths must be stored in a bucket of water with adequate sanitizer concentration.

Toki Ona Bar: 95

Creamer and juice used for the mixer was found to be past the expiration date. An employee discarded the items.

Great Wall Express: 87

Potentially hazardous raw food of animal origin was stored above ready-to-eat foods. Ensure that raw food items thawing in the refrigerator are placed on shelving below ready to eat food items. There was no evidence of contamination.

Remove the sticky flytraps in the dishwashing area that were placed as a preventive measure with the warmer weather. Use seals to eliminate gaps in the screen door to prevent entry of pests. Consult with a pest control provider for food operation approved devices to eliminate the presence of flies.

Little Caesar’s Take-Out: 100

Joe’s Market: 100

Taqueria Ayala: 100

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Carneceria Los Compadres: 100

Airport 66 Market: 95

Do not store medicines, cleaning compounds or other toxic items in proximity to food. Rearrange the shelving area that has cleaning chemicals, food products and paper plates. Ensure that chemicals and lighter fluid are stored below food items.

Airport 66 Market Snack Bar: 95

The test strips for testing sanitizing residuals and final temperatures in the dishwasher were out of date and oxidized. Obtain new test strips with the next order and ensure that all employees know how to use them.

Sue’s Fantasy Club: 100

Desert Rose: 100

The bar is cleaned and well organized. Great job.

Mona’s Ranch: 100

The bar is clean and organized. Great job.


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