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May 11 – 26, 2016

Nevada Youth Training Center Kitchen: 100

Millan Inc. – Discount Liquor: 100

Quiznos – Wells: 100

Shell Food Mart: 100

Great Basin Beverage, LLC Warehouse – Wells: 98

Remove unnecessary clutter and unused equipment from premises. The doors that are located at the shipping and receiving desk are in need of repair. The gaps around the framing can be portals of entry for rodents. The facility uses a licensed pest control company and there was no evidence of rodent infestation. There are traps installed around the perimeter and corners of the facility.

Montello Gas and Grocery Market: 100

Carmen’s Black and White Bar and Grill – Restaurant: 100

Carmen’s Black and White Bar and Grille – Bar: 100

Montego Bay Pool Bar: 100

Jackpot Combined School Kitchen: 100

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Jackpot Combined School Concession: 100

Mudd Hut – Elko: 99

Packaged, baked goods must be labeled to prove they were prepared in an approved food establishment. Food packaged on site must be properly labeled to include name of food establishment, mailing address of food establishment, list of ingredients in descending order of predominance, last date of sale and applicable known allergens shall be disclosed.

Farve LTD dba Taco Time – Elko: 100

Silver Dollar Bar – Elko: 99

Clean and sanitize ice machine interior. Clean and sanitize beverage gun and holster.


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