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ELKO — Janine Hansen of Elko has filed as an Independent American Party candidate for lieutenant governor.

Hansen said she has been a citizen advocate for families and taxpayers at the Nevada Legislature for her entire adult life. She is married, has four children and 14 grandchildren. She is a native Nevadan, born and raised in Sparks. She moved to Elko in 2005.

“We feel continually betrayed by those elected to represent us. In the 2015 Nevada Legislature, the Republicans passed the largest tax increase in Nevada history. In 2017, the Democrats began the process to pass a Constitutional Amendment to raise property taxes. There is no choice offered the people by the Twin Tax Parties,” stated Hansen.

“Families are struggling to survive. The average paycheck in terms of spending power has not increased since 1979. We can restore economic prosperity in Nevada by cutting taxes and regulations, which will encourage free-enterprise and families to flourish,” she added.

“Nevada has become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. We are becoming California. We provide illegals with de facto drivers’ licenses and give them millions of dollars in government benefits at taxpayer expense. The Federation for Immigration Reform estimates that the annual fiscal burden on Nevada taxpayers associated with illegal immigration is about $630 million (in 2008). The costs continue to rise,” stated Hansen.

“I support the individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms which is under attack. When we have more law-abiding citizens with guns we have less crime. Our freedoms of religion and speech are under assault by those who embrace ‘political correctness’. I support the right to be born, traditional marriage, choice in education, and freedom of choice in health care. I support the platform of the Independent American Party.”

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“I am running to be a voice for liberty and prosperity because I am concerned not only about my own children and grandchildren but the upcoming generations whose futures we have squandered,” concluded Hansen.

Filing for all non-judicial offices closes on Friday.


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