ELKO — Seven people fled police Tuesday afternoon on Lamoille Summit after witnesses identified them driving a stolen vehicle, according to law enforcement reports.

Five people were booked into Elko County Jail on charges ranging from possession of stolen property to obstructing a public officer to drug-related charges.

Sheriff’s deputies believe two other suspects are still at large.

The pursuit started when a construction company employee spotted a vehicle they had reported stolen on Monday. He told police it was headed up Lamoille Highway near the summit just before 11:30 a.m.

The vehicle didn’t have license plates.

A Sheriff’s deputy was near the scene and tried to pull the truck over, but at least five people fled from the vehicle into the snow.

“The vehicle turned off into Summit Estates and the race was on,” said Undersheriff Clair Morris.

A K-9 deputy tracked three of the suspects and arrested them within a few minutes, but law enforcement believes that at least two other suspects escaped. None of the suspects was bitten by the K-9.

Police arrested Jennifer L. Remington, 41; Angelita C. Sherman, 37; and Gregory P. Boyle, 23, at the scene for possession of stolen property and obstructing a public officer.

Remington has been arrested at least six times in the last five months. Sherman has been arrested at least twice this month. Boyle has been arrested at least twice this year.

Another vehicle was stolen from the summit area during that time and police believe the other two suspects used it to escape.

“We have a pretty good idea who they are,” Morris said. “We just have to round them up.”

In addition, police believe that at least two people fled from the vehicle before officers arrived, said Elko Police Capt. Will Lehmann. A witness said he saw a man and a woman run across the highway and over the guardrail, Lehmann said.

The description of those suspects, Lehmann said, match the two people police arrested later in the afternoon. Kevin G. Linder, 20, and Amanda N. Edwards, 25, were arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a hypodermic device. Linder was also arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Linder has been arrested at least three times this year.

They were arrested at South Fourth and Front streets near a vehicle that police believe is stolen.

“We just have to sort all of this out,” Lehmann said. “It’s very complicated.”

The pursuit of the suspects involved all three Elko law enforcement agencies: Sheriff’s, police and NHP.

Remington is a regular visitor to the Elko County Jail. She was arrested July 21 on a warrant and for three counts of possession of stolen property; August 14 for trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia; August 24 for trespassing; August 28 for possession of stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia; in mid-October for grand larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and on two warrants; and on Dec. 5 for petit larceny, possession of stolen property and on a warrant.

Remington was also bound over to district court in late October on charges of possession of a credit card without the cardholder’s consent.

Law enforcement will continue to investigate the incidents from Tuesday and any connected crimes, according to Morris and Lehmann.


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I'm sorry, just how many times does someone have to get caught breaking the law and with drugs before you put their behinds in prison? They obviously aren't trying to better their lives and at their ages, it's not likely they ever will. I know for a fact at least one of the people listed has children, I just pray they don't follow in the footsteps of their so-called parent.


No kidding!! I wish this county could see that they need help and keep them long enough to do just that help them...


Exactly!! And if you are talking about the one I think you are yes she has children 3 of them and it's VERY sad!! 2 of them care less to see her :( BUT their Dad has full custody now and he will protect them with all he has :) They are better off without her!! And she deserves a long time in jail maybe enough to get clean and sober and be the mother she should have always been!! The rest of them idiots too....


Help them? Prison isn't meant to "help"... it's meant to be punishment. And, from what I can tell, several of these people need more punishment than they've gotten so far. I'm tired of people making excused for criminal behavior. Bad childhood, drug addiction, alcoholism, blah, blah, blah. They're all adults and it's time they start acting like it.

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