ELKO — The Elko Police Department is starting the new year off with three promotions within its ranks.

Elko police Lt. Richard Genseal recently announced Detective Rick Moore has been promoted to corporal, Detective Mike Palhegyi is the new detective sergeant and Cpl. Troy James was promoted to sergeant.

James has been with the police department for 19 “going on 20” years. He said being an officer for the city was his first “real job.” Although previously a corporal, James said he’s excited about his new position because it puts him “at the top of the patrol ladder.” Being a corporal had a level of responsibility, but a patrol corporal still has to answer to a patrol sergeant.

“At the risk of sounding corny, it was an honor,” James said.

Becoming a sergeant is the realization of one of his career goals.

“I’ve had some good sergeants since I was hired on,” James said. “I hope I can have that same legacy to leave when I retire.”

Moore said he has been with the department for almost 10 years. He spent the past year and a half as a detective. He is instrumental in the Elko Bomb Squad and the bike patrol.

“Becoming a corporal gives me an opportunity to help mold the (detective) division,” Moore said. “I will also aid in our ability to do some complex investigating and extend more service to the community.”

Palhegyi is filling the detective sergeant position vacated by Ty Trouten when he was promoted to lieutenant.

Palhegyi has been with the Elko Police Department for four years, but was with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for 13. He said he came to Nevada for a change of scenery, but missed the work so he got back into it in Elko.

“No regrets,” Palhegyi said.

He moved into the detectives division two years on the local force and has been the detective corporal until recently. Palhegyi said as the detective sergeant, he is responsible for the seven other detectives in the unit.

“I make sure they’re doing their day-to-day tasks, but I still manage my own case load,” Palhegyi said. “My goal is to streamline what we already have in place. (Trouten) had in place a good system and I want to build on that.”

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