Name, age, city

Place of arrest

Charges; bail

Oct. 16

Laren Ray Kranovich, 26, Elko

Gold Dust West parking


Third offense DUI and

speeding; $2,579

Chase Michael Heady, 21, Spring Creek

700 block of Thorpe


Domestic violence,

felony enhanced first

offense domestic vio-

lence and two counts

resisting an officer;


Melina Cherie Gartiez, 23, Elko

1691 College Parkway

DUI and reckless

driving; $947

Clark John Mitchell, 45, Spanish Fork, Utah

Wendover Boulevard

and Florence Way

Warrant; $517

David Niel McCarty, 19, Salt Lake City

Interstate 80 eastbound east of Elko

Transporting a con-

trolled substance, pos-

session of marijuana and

unlawful possession not

for sale of a controlled

substance; $8,237

Janice R. Vicain, 71, Salt Lake City

Interstate 80 eastbound near Halleck

Warrant; $484

Oct. 17

Mitchell Duke Gibson, 54, Elko

Third and Idaho streets

DUI, open container and

speeding; $1,386

Pedro Rosales-Martinez, 32, Bakersfield, Calif.

Fourth Street at Wells

Fargo Bank

DUI; $947

Darlene Faye Martinez, 57, Elko

Stockmen’s Hotel and


Trespassing; $352

Adam Bryce Williamson, 28, Fort Meyers, Fla.

Stockmen’s Hotel and

Casino, No. 229

Possession of less than

an ounce of marijuana;


Keith Dwayne Brandon, 48, San Bernardino, Calif.

Elko County Jail

Two warrants; $3,479

Kelli Jo Velasquez, 20, Elko

10th and Idaho streets

Warrant; $517

Abraham Buz Morales, 22, West Wendover

South Xposure

Felony probation viola-

tion; No bail


The charges listed above do not imply guilt. Under the law, everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.

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