ELKO – Bernie Sanders made another local win as Elko County Democrats saw an upward shift for the campaign at the county convention Saturday at Adobe Middle School.

He also turned the tide in other Nevada counties, and now carries 55 percent of the state’s delegates compared to 45 percent for Hillary Clinton.

That is a reversal of the “First in the West” caucus results in which Clinton won 53 percent of the delegates. It also brings the statewide numbers more in line with Elko County’s delegate totals of 56 and 42 percent, respectively.

The Associated Press reported the statewide change came about as many of the delegates selected in February did not attend the county-level conventions. The final count will be determined at the state convention.

Elko County Democratic Party Acting Chair Marti DeLance said the importance of the county convention is to be able to get delegates to go to the state convention to represent their side.

However, there was not any media outreach locally. Delegates were contacted by the campaigns, emailed and called. She said others who were not delegates attended the convention due to word of mouth.

“Most of the delegates did show up,” she said, explaining the county convention did, however, have to draw from alternates.

The rural democratic parties are supposed to have at least one individual to be a representative at the national convention, said DeLance.

According to the Nevada State Democratic Party, Elko County may have a total of 28 delegates at the state convention on May 14 and 15 in Las Vegas.

Twelve delegates are to represent Clinton – accounting for approximately 43 percent of the delegates – and 16 delegates could represent Sanders, resulting in about 57 percent of the delegates.

The county is also trying to build up its numbers. Through the caucus the party was able to recruit new members.

DeLance said the process went smoothly and it was “nice to see the enthusiasm.”

State Totals

Sanders earned 2,124 delegates, approximately 55 percent of the total delegates for the state, on Saturday.

Clinton received 1,722 delegates, approximately 45 percent of those going to the state convention.

The Las Vegas Sun reported less than half of approximately 9,000 delegates selected at the caucus attended Saturday’s convention.

Nevada’s caucus process is different from that of a primary because delegates have to go through both county and state level conventions before delegates are selected for the Democratic National Convention from July 25—28 in Philadelphia.

County delegates were selected at the Feb. 20 caucus, state delegates were selected at the county convention Saturday, and the delegates attending the national convention will be selected at the state convention.

According to the Nevada Delegate Selection Plan for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Nevada will send a total of 43 delegates, and three alternates, to the national convention.

The delegates were picked through a “proportional representation system based on the results of the caucus-to-convention for apportioning delegates to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.”

The AP clarified 23 delegates were “decided based on the results of the Feb. 20 caucuses, while eight are ‘superdelegates’ who can choose whomever they want at the convention.”

Additionally, the other 12 are selected contingent upon the outcome of the state convention.

Besides being able to hear from other elected leaders, the state convention is where the Nevada State Democratic Party’s platform is worked on. The delegates also elect officers for the state central committee.