ELKO — It’s time to don the black robes and hit the bench.

Mason Simons won the Elko Township Justice of the Peace seat, earning 54.46 percent of the vote with 75.4 percent of the precincts reporting. Simons took 5,867 votes, with David Loreman following with 4,907.

“It’s a long and drawn out process,” Simons said. “I’m grateful for all those who supported me in the campaign process ... I’m really without words for this gratefulness.”

The six-year term begins in January and has a starting salary of $125,639.

According to the Campaign Contributions and Expenses reports on the Nevada Secretary of State website, Simons outspent Loreman by over 350 percent. His campaign raised over $43,000 between Jan. 1 and Nov. 2. Loreman raised just over $12,000 for the duration of the campaign. Simons had contributed heavily to his campaign through each filing.

Both candidates spent nearly all of the money raised.

“One of the things you learn is these campaigns can be costly,” Simons said. “We felt the need to get our message out there to the public.

Simons is the current Court Master for the 4th Judicial District Court, and has served on the court since 2007. He has also served as the Juvenile Drug Court and Family Drug Court judge. Simons has been a member of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Nevada for nearly four years.

Simons has been known for his proposal of a misdemeanor DUI court, where offenders would have more accountability and supervision. In fact, he intends to pursue this as soon as possible. Simons said he plans to tackle the courts and start a discussion to make it happen.

“I’m committed to going in to tackle the challenges ahead,” Simons said. “It’s gonna be a process, but I’m committed to make it happen.

Simons replaces Barbara Nethery, who was appointed by the county after former Judge Al Kacin was appointed district judge by Gov. Brian Sandoval. His appointment took place after the death of District Judge Andrew Puccinelli.

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