GBWC announces adjustments
Great Basin Water Company

SPRING CREEK – Great Basin Water Co. is meeting some of the compliances ordered by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, but is considering another appeal of the decision that told them to refund water customers for a meter reading issue last year.

GBWC filed a 137-page compliance report Nov. 15 detailing the company’s plans for improvement in several areas including staffing in Spring Creek, meter reading, training field technicians and installing smart meters. It also included a copy of the company’s field technician training manual for 2017.

The company also was ordered to reprice Spring Creek customers’ water bills between the months of January and October 2016 at the rate of $3.47 per 1,000 gallons by Nov. 21, which was 60 days from the issuance of the order.

“The repricing under the order has been completed and has been submitted to the commission staff,” GBWC said on Nov. 27.

“The company will provide an explanatory letter to customers,” GBWC said.

“A filing has not yet been received by Business Process Services for processing,” said the PUCN in a Nov. 29 email.

Spring Creek resident Greg Brorby, who submitted three letters to the PUCN documenting his issues with the water company, said on Wednesday he had not received any notice from GBWC.

In the compliance report, GBWC explained changes to analyze customer bills by volunteering as a pilot group for “new software that allows for better reporting capabilities.”

The company also outlined eight steps to reach out to Spring Creek customers. Among those tasks, GBWC discussed attending Spring Creek Association board meetings and water committee meetings, participating in community events and hosting an annual GBWC career day at their water/wastewater treatment plant.

The report also described implementing a survey link to evaluate customer satisfaction twice a year for three years starting in 2018, efforts to provide education about water consumption, expand promotion through the media, and schedule meetings once or twice a year in Spring Creek.

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The repricing and additional compliances were ordered by the PUCN Sept. 21 when the agency denied GBWC’s petition stating that their resolution of the meter reading issues in Spring Creek was consistent with its tariff.

The order issued by the PUNC came after months of debate between Spring Creek water customers who questioned high water bills and incorrect meter readings at a consumer sessions attended by PUCN and the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in April and September.

In October, the GBWC filed an appeal with the PUCN, asking the agency to rehear and/or reconsider the Sept. 21 order. On Nov. 8, the PUCN denied their request for a rehearing.

However, GBWC “is considering further judicial review,” of the decision, GBWC said.

According to the PUCN’s processes, the company can take that avenue if it chooses and “the party may appeal a denial to the district court.”


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