Editor: Nevada voters re-elected Senator Harry Reid to represent the State of Nevada and to act in the best interests of both the state and our country. Our senator has failed miserably.

Nevada still finds itself with both the highest foreclosure and the highest unemployment rate in the nation. What has Senator Reid done to help Nevadan recover from the worst economic disaster of our lifetime? Nothing.

The first thing Senator Reid did after his re-election was submit a bill to allow Nevada casinos to legally host Internet gambling as a political pay-off for their re-election support. And how does this help the average Nevada citizen? By reducing tourism to Nevada and exporting gaming jobs overseas?

Senator Reid has, as leader of the Senate, presided over a spending spree in Washington, D.C., of over 5 trillion dollars since his re-election. Senator Reid has failed to pass any budget in over three years, which is illegal. He has tried to block every budget proposal from not only the Republican-controlled House but even his own President’s budget proposal and has failed to offer any budget of his own.

Senator Reid was principal perpetrator of the Senate arm-twisting and backroom dealings which resulted in Obamacare, disliked by 60 percent of all U.S. voters. Senator Reid has failed to offer any compromise in Washington but instead stalls and blocks all proposals.

Senator Reid told us we needed to pass the Post Office spending bill to save the Post Office because reading junk mail was the only contact many seniors have with the outside world. Huh?

Senator Reid tossed out a ridiculous, unsubstantiated rumor that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years during a speech on the Senate floor and refused to either give his source or refute the accusation. What a great statesman for Nevada.

This is not a Democrat verses Republican issue: this is a failure of leadership by the Senator elected to lead. It is time for Nevada to step up for the good of our country and recall Senator Reid in order to remove the gridlock from Washington. D.C.

Rick Streiff

Spring Creek

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The choice between Reid and Angle last election could not have been more stark and Reid won the day. It's hard to believe the voters did not know what they were getting in Reid - he's been in office for decades. That he turned out to be exactly what any informed voter should have known is not a legitimate reason to recall him, it's a perfectly legitimate reason to keep him. Perhaps next time it would be a plan for Republicans to settle on a candidate who has an actual chance of winning.

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