The May 8 front page headline, “GOP plan boosts Pentagon, cuts social programs,” clearly illuminated one of the major reasons that our Congress will not reduce spending. Both sides protect their holy grails. Democrats are willing to cut military spending, but refuse to touch any social programs. Republicans are willing to cut social programs, but refuse to touch any military spending.

As a Republican, I would suggest that we take the proactive first step and reduce military spending in such a way that our national defense will be bolstered, not reduced. Conservatives like to point out that more education spending does not necessarily bring better education. Likewise, more military spending does not necessarily give us higher national security.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people all over the world, our military should do a few things well. We no longer need to protect Germany and Japan from the Soviets, and we are currently withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. Why not draw down the bases we have over there (leaving small contingents in Japan and Germany to support our global air strike and special forces capabilities), and move the bulk of the troops back to the United States to be with their families and defend our borders?

My guess is that we could save billions of dollars, reunite thousands of families, and nearly eliminate our border issues by doing so. The troops at home would spend their paychecks at home, and the infrastructure improvements would be built by U.S. residents, thus giving our economy an immediate boost.

It is high time to end the GOP/Dem roadblocks to fiscal sanity.

Sean Fericks


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Reagan once said his greatest regret was trusting that Deomcrats would make good on their part of the 1982 tax deal. Instead of reducing spending 3:1 over taxes as they promised they increased it by 2:1. Dems played H.W. Bush the same and then destroyed him with mockery of "read my lips".

These good ideas are not likely to succeed with Democrat/Progressives who see any savings as an excuse to increase entitlements, not reduce them. And will lie to get you to make the first move.


Awesome editorial, sir. And fantastic idea literally killing two birds with one stone on the immigration/border control issue. Unfortunately it seems as though "compromise" is not in their vocabulary unless said compromise spends more money instead of saving it!!!!


But-if we protect our borders,what about Obama's "army" of illegals-now Citizens-now voters? How could they vote for his re-election if they couldn't GET here?
If our Veterans were asked to volunteer to put in two weeks helping with Border Control as soon as they came home,how many would? I'd bet MOST!


Hey Truckman,

Quite a few voters in the current republican race have been found out to be illegal immigrants, hence the voter ID laws coming up. Are they a part of Obama's army too? Fact is there is no way to get rid of all the illegals currently here. My idea- if they are here and haven't ended up in jail, give them citizenship, make them pay taxes with their own social security number and make sure their children are enrolled in school to learn english. Close the boarder. Legalize marijuana.

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