To the Postmaster General and to all elected officials:

This letter is sent on behalf of all veterans in the Montello, Nevada area. We have heard that the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing the Post Office in Montello. We sincerely implore you to spare this Post Office.

Local veterans rely on the mail service in Montello. Many of our veterans are elderly and/or disabled and cannot drive. Some veterans are wheelchair-bound. They rely on the Montello Post Office to deliver all their medications and notifications regarding doctor’s appointments with the VA.

If the Montello Post Office closes, it would force these veterans to travel 150 miles to Wendover, Nevada for their mail. Most are on fixed incomes and would be unable to afford the cost of this 150-mile trip.

We have spoken with the local veterans, who have signed this request. We respectfully request that you consider the detriment that the closure of the Montello, Nevada Post Office would have on all of these men and women, and keep this Post Office open.

Thank you on behalf of the local veterans.

John Fitzgerald, USN

Bryce C. Kimber, USA

Russell Coroi, USN

Ron Watson, US Army

Jim Gardner, USMC

Arthur Hoener, USAF

George Wolfe, USA

Todd Wood, USN

David W. Demorest, US Army

Trent L. Petty, Navy

Jerry F. Kempton, Navy

Allen D. Wilson, Marine Corps

Dorothy P. Crowder, Air Force

Robert E. Simmons, Navy

Graham J. Robertson, US Army

Daniel L. Farrell, US Navy

John W. Pendergrass, USA

Norman E. Lee, Army

George E. Snow, USN

Leonard A. Stoddard, USMC

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David W. Pearson, Army

John A. Campbell, USMC

Brian Newmann, US Army

John T. Price, Army

Chris Hendricks, US Army

Matthew Gerard, USN active duty

John H. McReynolds, USAF

Richard Lotshaw, USMC

Bobby Burke Palmer, Army Air Force

Robert M. Farrell, Army

Helen Jaquish, USAF

Dee Judd, Army

Roger McReynolds, US Army

Ronald W. Shriel, USMC


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