I read your article about how the mines need Harry. If the Republicans take control of Congress Harry will not be heard from for the next four years, sitting back collecting every penny he can milk out of the public.

“If the mines want to have some say so on what goes on they need to get behind the party that controls Congress. Do you think we would be where we are today if Congress was controlled by the Republican party?

Wake up America, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Thanks for the opportunity to show the voters another thought.

Gary Carver




I’m somewhat surprised to see the EDFP endorsement of Senator Reid, but mostly disappointed. Across 24 years the urban senator has embraced predominately liberal, often anti-business and anti-job legislation or legislative actions.

To claim he has been or will be instrumental in the health of the mining industry insults that industry and exaggerates the senator’s power. He touts his ability to derail the most extreme anti-mining initiatives. The fact is any senator can do that by placing a hold on legislation.

While Senator Reid declares his support for mining and Nevada’s most visible service industry — gaming, look at the larger picture. Reid’s power has been completely ineffective in protecting gaming here in the state. His continued silence while President Obama repeatedly castigates gaming and Las Vegas has exacerbated losses already due in large to the Reid/Obama policies which have strangled the national economy and substantially reduced discretionary spending.

The Senator has not protected mining from claim fee increases nor the extreme environmental regulations which have made the country unattractive to all but proven high value districts. He proclaims specific action regarding the General Mining Law, while embracing a broad spectrum of liberal policies which tighten economic and misplaced environmental shackles across the state and the nation.

Lawyers to the mining companies are quite pleased with the business Reid generates for them, and I imagine they agree with the editor. Miners and citizens in general need honest rather than slick politicians. The wise choice now is to elect Sharron Angle.

Ralph R. Sacrison




When it comes down to it, rural Nevadans are practical people. The Elko Daily Free Press editorial endorsement of Senator Harry Reid is evidence of that.

Senator Reid’s strong support of mining interests is paramount to the future of rural Nevada. A strong mining industry gives us the means to continue to diversify our economy and attract sustainable businesses and industry to our community. A strong mining industry supports our educational system and assures us of a well trained and skilled workforce. A strong mining industry provides the tax base to continue to improve our streets and expand our parks.

A strong mining industry assures that restaurants will be busy, that local small business will continue to provide specialty products to us, that motorcycles, snowmobiles and four-wheelers will continue to be purchased.

There is little doubt mining is the economic heart of our community. Senator Reid will protect it. I heartily endorse Senator Reid, and applaud the Free Press for its support of him as well. I urge others to join in voting for him in this very important race.

John Patrick Rice

Elko City Council



Yes, your endorsement of Sen. Reid is a very big disappointment to liberty-loving Nevadans. The endorsement cited fiscal responsibility, limited federal government, and the intent of the Founding Fathers as reasons to vote for Sharron Angle. Yet you foolishly turn from these “secondary” issues to focus on the one thing Sen. Reid will supposedly do for us, reduce the damage of any pending mining reform? Apparently, ranchers’ private property rights, small businesses’ tax levels, individuals’ freedom to choose the health care plan they want, the state’s 10th Amendment rights, national security, and in general the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness pale in comparison to the threat of mining reform. 

Mining is certainly important in Elko. It keeps food on the table and money in the bank. My employment is very dependent on the mining industry in Northern Nevada. But only a shallow man will trade away his liberty for a little job security. Give me mining, or I will have to find another job. Give me liberty, or give me death. 

Sharron Angle has liberty in her soul. She holds no grudge against the successful businesses, including gold mines, which give us employment. She seeks the expansion of our freedoms. She acknowledges the historic failures of government intervention in the marketplace. She fights to lower taxes, deficits and waste. She battles to destroy earmark spending. She supports our troops, reveres the Founding Fathers, and fights for the Constitution. 

The Minute Men of 1776 could have gone along with the status quo, paid their taxes, and kept their jobs and ways of life. The War for Independence certainly brought great risk of loss, but many of our forefathers chose to lay down their lives and fortunes to pay for our liberty in blood. Thank God that they were not as myopic as the Elko Daily Free Press.

Liberty calls again. It calls us to vote. Vote for liberty. Vote for Sharron Angle.

Sean Fericks




I was relieved to see the endorsement of Harry Reid by your newspaper. Nevada cannot afford (especially at this time) to lose the valuable influence in Washington that Senator Reid’s experience, intelligence and power afford our state. This vote is a wise choice that all of us will benefit from.

Adrienne Hall




For the first time in my life I am hesitant to tell people that I am from Elko County. I grew up in Elko County and grew up reading the Elko Daily Free Press. For as long as I can remember that paper has been a conservative publication. As a child I remember my parents applauding the editorials of Mel Steninger for his straight-forward, often right-leaning stances. 

Imagine my horror when on the national news I heard that the Free Press was endorsing Harry Reid. Although I have moved out of state I am politically active and have followed the antics of Mr. Reid. Believe me Harry is no friend of working class America, Nevadans and certainly no friend of Elko County.

Fortunately the people in Nevada are smarter than the Elko Daily Free Press. I believe they will do the right thing and vote for Sharron Angle.

Gretchen Clelland

Filer, Idaho



In the Thursday paper your editorial board presented a very shortsighted argument in defense of Sen. Harry Reid. Even if Sen. Reid had the power or desire to keep the greedy tax and spenders at bay, the price we would pay as Nevadans, and as Americans, would be steep indeed.

As the ranking leader of the Democrats, Sen. Reid will be able to cut some sort of deal to tame down the 8 percent royalty, to say, maybe 5.5 percent, with a few tax hikes on fuel or food or both.  There would be the obligatory pork spending thrown around, concessions to Green Peace, Sierra Club, Gay Rights, NOW, unions, and so on — for six more years.

It is time we threw out all the liberals, return to conservative representation and quit being scared of the boogey man, when the boogey man was created by those liberals like Sen. Harry Reid. We need to stop running scared, always dating an Ugly Betty, and start dating the homecoming queen.

Jim Stockman



I am rather saddened by the turn politics have taken over the last several years. It used to be that Democrats and Republicans didn’t always agree, but could find some way to reach some middle ground, for the good of the people. 

Now, the far right has become so extreme they won’t even listen to moderate proposals and simply say no. This isn’t good for the country, and is causing a lot of anger and frustration, as nothing gets done, or only gets done with the help of the one party and not the other. 

It is time for us to all realize we are Americans, and we have a lot more in common than we realize. I think it is probably safe to say most Americans want to be able to make a decent living, have food to put on their tables for their families every night, and a roof over their heads. Most Americans want and need decent health care, and want to feel safe in their homes and in their cities. If we would just all think about it, we would find out that we are more alike than different. It shouldn’t be considered bad to be a Democrat, or a Republican, just different philosophies both trying to reach essentially the same goals.

I know many people are not crazy about Senator Reid, however, if he is not re-elected we lose the Senate Majority Leader. We lose major recognition in Congress. We lose the only leader dedicated to stopping a large tax increase on mining, which would be disastrous for Elko.

Sharron Angle would be a junior senator with absolutely no clout. She has a history in the Nevada legislature of refusing to work with others and was voted the least popular Assemblywoman three years in a row. They will simply ignore her in Washington D.C.

If you are not voting for Harry Reid, you are voting for a loss to Elko and a loss for Nevada. We have a clear choice, vote for Elko, and vote for Nevada, vote for Harry Reid!

Cathy Vance

Spring Creek

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Dear Kathy Vance
When are you going to learn to come in out of the rain. Harry Reid does more harm to Elko, Nevada and the USA than anyone.
Being a senior senator does no good for Nevada if he uses that clout to tear down the USA .Do you ever pay attention to what he is really doing. Coal fired power plants are now a clean energy source. Happy Harry killed that. He helped put our country so far in debt we are going to have to learn to speak Chinese. REAL Americans are not going to take it.


I see you are not allowing any comments about this ridiculous endorsement.


The letter from City Councilman John Patrick Rice should be of interest to the editor and readers. Choosing to place the "Elko City Council" designation below his signature is very misleading. It appears as though Mr. Rice would like your readers to percieve that his political opinion is sanctioned by the City Council. As a voter, I am less than impressed with Mr. Rice's attempt to mislead, and I am sure that I am not the only one.


REALLY? I'm so glad that I don't have a subscription to the EDFP. As a paper is it really smart to endorse one candidate over another? Hey I have an idea lets just report the news in an unbiased manner and let each individual make up his or her own mind.

Mr. Rice it is our American right to vote and endorse those candidates that we want to see elected, but I to have that right and I will remember your endorsement of Reid come election time when you are pandering for votes. LK

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