SPRING CREEK — To increase transparency and communications, the Spring Creek Association recently hosted four town hall tract meetings.

“We want to be more transparent,” said SCA President Jessie Bahr. “We want to get as much information out there about what’s going on. We want to get that feedback back.”

The meetings offered members a chance to learn about key initiatives, strategic plans and top priorities. Members could also meet their board representatives and ask questions in the open forum format.

“Part of our communication plan has been [that] we’ve got to get different avenues to communicate,” Bahr said. “Some folks like to come to face-to-face meetings.”

Tract 100 residents met Jan. 29, Tract 200 on Jan. 30, Tract 300 on Jan. 31, and Tract 400 on Feb. 1. All events were conducted at the Fairway Community Center in Spring Creek at 6 p.m.

These meetings were the association’s first town-hall-style meetings for each individual tract, and the team hopes to offer more in the future, as often as biannually. SCA also hosts an annual meeting every June, holds monthly board and committee of architecture meetings, and has conducted meetings on specific topics such as water and internet when needed.

The idea is to provide “just as many ways to communicate as possible so that they can really get their concerns out,” Bahr said. “It’s just getting that communication out there. … As long as you connect with us, we are willing to make changes.”

Members can also stay up to date on association news on social media, by calling the office, going to the office, texting, or attending board or committee of architecture meetings, which include time for public comment.

Town hall gatherings for tracts 100 and 400 had the highest attendance, with about 25 members each. There are about 15,000 residents in the association.

Tract 400 board representative Paddy Legarza said she hopes for more participation in the future. “I wish there had been a few more people,” said Legarza, who has served on the board since about 2011.

Bahr gave presentations at each session then opened up the floor for comments. Members’ questions covered issues such as roads, water, internet, animals and weeds.

Tract 400 residents Danny and Dawn Dawson attended their town hall meeting Feb. 1. “I’d like to commend the office,” Danny Dawson said. “I’ve had nothing but help when I walk through that door.”

He also recognized the association’s efforts to move forward on issues such as water, tidy up unregistered vehicles and provide community events such as trick-or-treating and movie nights at the Spring Creek Marina.

“We understand that in the past, we might not have been as responsible as we should have been; we haven’t had the plans that we should have had in place, but we do have a strategic plan now,” Bahr said. “We do have a vision to help the community based on what they’ve told us, and we are going to get things done.”

The SCA Board of Directors meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m., and the SCA Committee of Architecture meets the second Tuesday of every month, also at 5:30 p.m. Both meetings are conducted at the Fairway Community Center in Spring Creek. Visit www.springcreeknv.org for more information.