CARLIN — Nevada Highway Patrol responded to a five-vehicle pileup in the westbound lanes of the Carlin tunnels and single vehicle crash in the eastbound lanes in a 20-minute period Sunday afternoon, said NHP Sgt. Chris Austin.

Three people were hurt, including one who was flown to Salt Lake City with broken bones, Austin said.

The six crashes involved nine vehicles: four semi-trucks and five cars.

Around 2:40 p.m. a vehicle tried to stop, but lost control in icy conditions and hit a wall. Four other vehicles reacted and either hit the tunnel walls or rear-ended other vehicles when the drivers couldn’t stop in time, Austin said.

“The tunnel was extremely icy,” Austin said.

NDOT sanded the roadway soon after the pileup, but not before a car in the eastbound lanes lost control around 3 p.m. as NHP was investigating the first pileup.

Two people had minor injuries during the incidents, including bruising and cuts, and another was flown to Salt Lake City with a broken wrist and facial lacerations, Austin said.

All drivers, except the operator of a semi who managed to stop in time but was rear-ended by a 2002 Jeep Liberty, were cited for driving too fast for conditions, Austin said.

It was not snowing at the time of the accidents.

“People have to slow down during these conditions,” Austin said. “They have to pay attention to signs, especially at the tunnels because it gets icy and can sneak up on you.”

All of the drivers and passengers involved in the crashes were wearing seatbelts, Austin said.

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I hope everybody fights the tickets since the icy road signs where not on and the plows where not out. Same thing happened last night (1/28/13) Snowing and no plows, no NHP, and none of the signs going. I don't know what we pay these people for anyway.


My mother is one of the victims in this accident, she has sustained horrible injuries, she has a broken neck, and bleeding on her brain. My mother is in critical conditions. My sister sustained two broken arms. I pray my mother will recover from this, only time will tell.


I drive for prime,I was rear ended by the semi truck pictured. I entered the tunnel the "ICY warning lights" when you enter the tunnel were not on and I have this on video.I was the first truck to enter the tunnel and those 2 cars the pickup blocking the right lane and the silver car blocking the left lane spun out seconds before I entered the tunnel.I was not cited, Be safe everyone.Slow down leave a semi truck length in between cars. Stop bunching up..its dangerous leave a space cushian !


pack a blanket and have water, food if you are going to be out on these roads and please take your time. Slow down.,aim high in steering looking ahead of where your going.The driver of the jeep liberty never would have hit that truck if they aimed high in steering aseeing ahead down the road and were going slow approaching the tunnel awith caution as its entrance is on a blind curve and paying attention. BE SAFE EVERYONE

Chad this is the link to the video cameras off my truck when the crash happened.I did edit the video down,but the video is time coded showing the events.and please if your in an accident ,If your able to get your car off the road do that,and sIf not tay in your car so your protected,when I came up on these vehicles they were standing outside the cars and took off running as I approached.


can you please repost this link i cant get it to work?


Amberw133 your mom and sister were on Immigrant Pass west of Carlin, not in the tunnels east of Carlin. Also it was only your mother and sister involved (except for the truck they went under


Amberw133 here is your mom's accident:

Emigrant wreck leaves woman critically hurt

BEOWAWE — A crash at the west end of Emigrant Pass left a Volkswagen Beetle partially lodged under a semi truck and its driver in critical condition Tuesday, according to Nevada Highway Patrol reports.

The driver, Daniela L. Terifay of Browns Mills, N.J., was airlifted to Salt Lake City for treatment of head, face and neck injuries.


Sorry for this accident and hope she recovers and sister heals well.

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