ELKO — Sammual R. Munk, 18, was arrested Wednesday for two counts of possession of a dangerous weapon on Elko High School property and as a minor in possession of an alcoholic beverage in public.

According to Lt. Mike Palhegyi of the Elko Police Department, the county resource officer at the school was patrolling the school’s parking lot when he saw smoke billowing out of a pickup truck’s window. The officer approached the vehicle to address the issue of smoking on school property.

The officer then smelled and identified the presence of an alcoholic beverage. The officer searched the vehicle and found several weapons, including a loaded 22-caliber revolver, an unloaded 22-caliber rifle, and several knives.

The officer arrested Munk, while three other students in the vehicle were released back to the high school after the incident.

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The county resource officer for Elko High School was unavailable for comment, and Principal Tim Wickersham said he could not comment on the arrest.

Superintendent of Schools Jeff Zander said the district would release a statement Friday after reviewing the incident.

Munk’s bail is $5,355.


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