Gov. Brian Sandoval

Nevada is a state that is proud of its dynamic and diverse immigrant communities. I support DACA and have been proud to sign into law legislation that allowed DACA recipients to become licensed teachers in our schools and provide a path for them to earn a driver’s license which has increased safety for all Nevadans. I have also had the privilege to meet many individuals and families whose lives have been transformed by this program. These are individuals who were brought here as children and this is the country they know and love because it’s their home. Many are now young adults who wear our nation’s uniform in the Armed Forces or are teaching in our classrooms. They’re our neighbors, friends, and the familiar faces at the grocery store. They are Nevadans. While the State has taken many actions to embrace and ensure equal opportunities for DACA recipients, a solution requires Congressional action. I am hopeful that Nevada’s federal delegation will recognize the urgency of the moment and fight for the thousands of Nevadans who are living happier lives and contributing to our state’s recovery. Congress must act in order to preserve this program and reform and stabilize our nation’s immigration system.

Alliance for Justice President Nan Aron

The Trump Administration continued its persecution of immigrants today, targeting hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable among the immigrant community. This action will rip apart families and jeopardize the lives and safety of young people who have lived most of their lives as Americans and know no other home. Make no mistake, the Attorney General’s fearmongering about crime and terrorism in his statement today was nothing more than a dog whistle to a nativist and anti-immigrant base that is increasingly the sole audience the Trump Administration seeks to address. Republicans can deny it, but Sessions’s hostility to immigrants was apparent in his record well before his confirmation, and any senator who voted to confirm him did so knowing full well that today’s action was the likely result. No one should be fooled either by the administration’s pretense that it is acting today in the interests of constitutionality, since this administration has repeatedly shown its contempt for the Constitution.

Nevada Dreamer Astrid Silva

DACA proved to me that the American Dream is real for anyone who dares to pursue it. Donald Trump doesn’t care about helping people – he’s vindictive. All Trump cares about is hurting families like mine to score cheap political points. But I have news for Donald Trump: 13,000 Nevadan Dreamers—and our families—are fighting back and nothing he does can rob us or our families of our dignity and our dreams.

DACA gave me the freedom to come out of the shadows, graduate from college, and achieve amazing things to make my parents and my community proud — just as 800,000 other Dreamers across the country have done in their own communities. Now, as Trump acts on his threats and attacks our entire community, people are asking me if they should move from their homes to protect their loved ones. They are afraid to go grocery shopping, take their kids to school, or even go to work, knowing there’s a chance that it might be the last time they ever see their children.

This uncertainty and fear is exactly what Trump wants. He wants to scare millions of families around the country and prevent them from living ordinary, productive lives. But we don’t scare easily. No matter what Trump tries to do, my family, our community, and our allies will continue to fight and support one another.

To other Dreamers, immigrant families and all decent Nevadans: I ask you to stand up and fight back against Trump and his white supremacist bullies. We came to this country with the hope that we, too, could achieve the American Dream. Now, we must all stand together. We need your support in any way possible to fight back these attacks. Now is the time to open our doors to each other, ensure everyone has have correct information, and to call out our political leaders to take a stand. Now is the time to show this country that we are more American than Donald Trump will ever be.”

ACLU of Nevada Executive Director Tod Story

President Trump has thrown thousands of Nevada families into chaos with his decision on DACA. DACA recipients have rights under our Constitution, and we will do everything in our power to ensure these members of our communities receive the due process and equality they are guaranteed under the law. These children were brought here by parents searching for a better life, and the Trump Administration treats them contemptibly, by severing the ties that bind them to our communities and country. The discrimination and bigotry that drive the animus to treat these people as anything less than worthy of our full community embrace is appalling. For a nation founded by immigrants, Trump’s discriminatory policies are despicable and damaging, and Nevadans must stand up to such bigotry.

Nevada Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II

Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt gave President Trump the political cover to make this heartless decision to terminate DACA and put thousands of DREAMers at risk of being deported. When Senator Heller voted to defund and kill President Obama’s immigration executive action, he paved the way for Trump to end DACA. When Attorney General Laxalt added the State of Nevada to the partisan lawsuit opposing President Obama’s immigration executive action, he paved the way for Trump to end DACA. The Democratic Party stands in solidarity with Nevada’s DREAMers and our vibrant immigrant community, and we stand united against these anti-immigrant Republican politicians who have used their offices to support Trump’s hateful agenda and tear these families apart.


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