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I am seriously wondering now if the RDA is really a good thing, this much ado about a beautiful sign for a brand new business. What is worse is other business owners criticizing other business owners, I find that tacky and downright nasty.

I admit that I am not a candidate for manners and class but I was brought up to not be a judgey judger pants and my Dad was an athiest. This really needs to stop, it is childish and although I am not the owner of the business Swank, I do believe a public apology should be done as I highly doubt it was the cause of any problems, again that was a tacky shot at a fellow business owner who contributes to this community weather you all like it or not.

I am wondering if a brand new business and their sign bothers you this much then why have you allowed the two completely rundown buildings that are a huge eyesore and an obvious health hazard. If you seem to have that much crazy power to close a business and tell another how to design their own business sign then surely you have crazy power to take care of those two eyesores.

Yes I am also a business owner, and as a longtime business owner I am going to suggest an immediate apology be given, the nastiness stop and hopefully a more diverse group needs to be had to make better decisions. Downtown will not come back to life until this ugliness stops.

Eva Owsian



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