Elko room tax is barely up, so what are we doing to promote Elko with that money? Evidently the City is revising the room tax law skipping the business impact requirement.

Working with the Lodging Committee? What are you thinking? Customers staying over 28 days must sign an exemption form for the City, conveniently providing them a list. If they pay 28 days and move prior, the owner still owes tax. Are they going to sit at our businesses and count?

Promotional packages are out. No more credit for the casinos who give incentives for people to stay. Delinquency dates are changed, and there are MASSIVE record-keeping requirements, including giving City names, addresses, all personal information on customers.

City has the right to inspect all your business records including all income information, customer lists, all your intellectual property. This is dangerous, sneaky, creepy, borderline espionage! Do you want them in your office taking your customer lists? They want information right down to each item your customer purchased while staying.

We risk being sued. Who will they share it with? City has no right to this information, and can’t be trusted not to abuse it. My complete room tax records were given to my competitors illegally by the City. It CAN happen to you.

The regulatory stranglehold on businesses is costly. Lodging and RV owners BEWARE. They can take your business license. They need access only to the bare minimum of information. Why do they need the names, addresses and daily ledgers of our customers? The IRS cannot even ask for this information unless you are audited. INSANITY.

As the Feds move forward, we move backward? Do your job and bring us some business. Stop harassing the businesses you have! Another reason to Drain the Swamp of Big Brother!

Dean Vavak

Double Dice RV Park