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With all the discussion over marijuana dispensaries in Jackpot, looks to me like Elko is missing the big picture here. Wanna fill this town with people from Idaho every weekend? Put one here.

Face the facts, that’s what they are doing. It’s here, it’s legal, and Elko is stupid not to cash in.

These politicians sit on their moral high ground playing to what they think is their “base,” half of whom are using it for pain control in their 60s to 80s. It’s not just to get “high."

The Libertarians shouldn’t have to get a petition for them to see what is obvious. You wanted freedom from the Feds? You got it, and now you only want to back it up when you think it benefits you politically. Talk about the swamp!

So why don’t the City and County look at the empty buildings and dwindling economy in this town and beat everyone to the punch by opening up this legal avenue to the big bucks? They’ve already admitted it’s not a significant law enforcement problem.

Let the people have their freedom you claim you stand for in this part of the State. How many times have you stood up to the Feds claiming you believe in State's rights? What happened?

You better wake up. I predict a draining of the swamp at the next election.

Lori Vavak



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