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Don’t be shut out of public land comments


Many Elko residents treasure the Ruby Mountains for their pristine beauty as well as the recreational opportunities here. In addition, people come from all over the state and our nation to enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing in the area. It is a testimony to the popularity of this area with both local residents and tourists alike that some 8,000 people submitted comments to the Forest Service in opposition to the recent proposal to open the area to oil and gas leasing.

Even though the current administration seems determined to continue with drilling on these public lands, it is vital that local residents be able to voice their opinion on what is happening on land in their own backyards. However, new regulations being drafted by the administration would severely limit public comments on the use of the our lands.

The administration’s new process for oil and gas lease sales would effectively eliminate the public comment on these proposed sales. They will benefit only oil speculators (many of whom come from out of state or even out of the country). These speculators have no interest in protecting the land they would exploit.

Those of us who love areas such as the Rubies need to strive for a reasonable and fair process to protect these lands we all enjoy. Please let your elected officials know that we will hold them responsible for the preservation of these lands, and that our opinions must be listened to!

Janet Carter



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