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Elko’s erroneous zone


Downtown Elko looks as if it is a collapsing city. There should be a lesson learned here about the hustling and counsel by our own “urban experts” to make Cedar Street their priority and focus for the immediate future instead of concentrating their efforts and our taxpayer dollars on the downtown.

This perverse Phase 1 capital project, after spending $1,881,546 construction costs plus a $166,552 engineering fee on a mere 4-5 blocks of so-called beautification, leaves residents and visitors with deep, rocky, boulder-filled gullies that provide unsafe access to their property, ongoing removal-maintenance of trash, leaves, tree limbs, plastic bottles, soda cans, fast food containers and other discards, all of which clog the drainage system, and in winter, snows obscuring those round-about impediments that enjoin the street intersections which are a nuisance for drivers, street sweepers and snow-removal machines: a never-ending expense to taxpayers!

Cedar could have been paved beautifully from one end to the other for the money they spent on a few blocks … a project visitors or tourists rarely see, a safety hazard and an exercise in frustration and hardship for anyone using a walker or wheelchair.

Advantages? It’s a utopian fantasy that ends wreaking havoc on homeowners and affecting the value of their property. I was told its purpose was to slow down traffic. Now much traverses one or the other of the tree streets. This enterprise is and will continue to be wasteful and inefficient.

Do they actually believe that these issues are too complex for anyone to determine but themselves? That if we complain or oppose their decisions we are merely irrational and we should just shut up and obey?

They claim it’s City property … and you know, “you can’t fight City Hall!” In reality, a citizen can have a rather large impact on what happens and as long as government does not become removed from personal contact you can let them know what you think!

So, let them know! Just watch your step when exiting the right side of your vehicle on Cedar.

Thelma Homer



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