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Dear ECSD Board of Trustees and Superintendents:

This is an open letter that was released on Facebook as well as emailed to Elko Daily at the same time it was email to the Elko County Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent. Our names are Jennifer Eisele and Tyson Manning, both of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, Owyhee, Nevada.

During the end of September we released a Facebook post titled Remember My People. In it, we outlined how the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes is entangled in nuclear waste development, how the population of Duck Valley is unaware, and how, as a side effect of such development, the local water supply is contaminated -- citing a large number of possible health consequences. We encouraged the population to stop drinking the water immediately and to relocate, if at all possible. Text of this post was sent to the Elko Daily. We were disappointed that no one bothered to follow up with our claims.

In continuation, attached to this letter you will find a report titled “Little Reason for Confidence in the Drinking Water on the Duck Valley Reservation” created by the Environmental Defense Institute. In short, they advise, “Drinking this water is not recommended until water sampling and reporting of all important analytes is conducted and the levels are not only below federal MCLs but are also not exceeding reasonable public health guidelines.”

It is clear that recent and past data issued by the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes cannot be trusted and is unreliable. We are sending you this information as you are the custodians of our children while they are in attendance at school.

We find it reasonable to request that the school district immediately supply clean drinking water to Owyhee Combined Schools for their consumption as the local drinking water is unfit. It is your duty to protect our children while they are in your care.

It is our hope you find this preliminary information sufficient to immediately implement alternate water sources and to mandate students, faculty and staff at OCS to stop drinking, if not using the local water. We, along with a team of people, are continuing to seek further accurate data about this issue. Your prompt response is required and appreciated.

Jennifer Eisele


Tyson N. Manning

Oklahoma City


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