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State Attorney General Adam Laxalt has been a strong supporter of the rule of law and the Constitution, including our 2nd Amendment rights, and because of this he has been attacked mercilessly and unfairly since the tragedy in Las Vegas.

The truth is Adam has been right on this issue. A background check would have done nothing to stop this madman on a mission. Those now attacking Adam and even issuing death threats against his wife and young children are no better than the sicko himself who took away 58 innocent lives.

A person who is intent on harming or killing someone will stop at nothing to accomplish that. It doesn’t matter what his choice of weapon is, whether it’s a knife, gun, bat or any other object.

Our hearts are broken over this senseless tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims. Now is the time to honor them – not exploit their loss for political gain.

John Ellison

Nevada Assemblyman

District 33


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